Sonnet #4

Hell is my habitat, it hurts to have to fathom that, yes

Drugs, stress, dread, unwanted thoughts of other people having sex

I think I’m depleted, I think I’m defeatist, I lost it

I think I’m heroic, professional poet, I got this

Alternating between dreams and metaphysical nightmares

If you’re still there – I’m here, spaced-out and aware, single but paired

I am Air McNair in this shadow game – the final pass thrown

I could have stayed in class but dropped out as an iconoclast

How’s that working out for you? The question’s posed rhetorically

You saw me suffer stoically, study here the sordid me

I’m addicted to a risk, the supply seems unlimited

Decorum’s an illusion that dresses up the primitive

Is it cynical to notice, have I made you cynical

You used to wonder what I thought – now you think identical











Fight, Fight, Fight

Yes, I will kick the ass of…

Landin’ punches at a rate

He cannot fathom

I’m more vicious

I’m more aggressive

Of his physical strength

I’ll make you think less of

Try me, he’ll lie at my feet

I see his pics and think…

No way can I see myself losing

Taking a ride to my house

Would be like cruising for a bruising

But you don’t want to see that occur

You are scurred for him

When he realizes the grand surprise

And thinks damn…

All that pussy shit he wrote

Was just a bunch of lies