Windy City Rose

I’m young and strong
You’re old
And weak
I’ma chair
I tell yo girl
Have a seat
Now that’s what I call chivalry!
I fuck my girl
Three times in a row
Now that’s what I call a trilogy!
I got the best music
So pass ME the auxillary
I’m so presidential how I tweet with hostility
No thrill is too cheap for me
Nor too expensive
I got good D for you
So how can you find that offensive?
If you do, fuck it
Since you’re mouthing my words
You might as well
Suck it!

Come On Down


The bedroom gets humid

Pronounce differently the word “acumen”

Now you see what I’m doing

I’m just an apparition

Floating around

The Bears should have not taken out Josh McCown

When Jay Cutler came back from an injury that one season

Obama conspired with Donald, but Donald did not want to commit treason

I don’t know this country well enough to pledge allegiance

I can’t speak in-depth about robotics

My two cents are worth as much Ed Monix

Politcs is the greatest show on TV

I watch it as entertainment – like really

Once again the world is collapsing

How many people have to fall under the poverty line before some uncivil shit happens

Look around Jose, everything seems fine

I know, it only seems like I’m overacting

Introducing basic math to an 8th grade class

Sometimes language that’s crass really kicks ass

If you’re in the mood

Business idea: a gym where you must work out in the nude

Eyes glued to YouTube, the world is in there now

I’ma go to Obama’s library, later – it’s not there now