Sonnet #5

The soul cannot be proven like genes that form the spirit

My greatest sin’s awareness too severe to be near to

I freestyle – off the top – I can’t say I engineered it

He or she who lends an ear to…me…I domineer to

Scheme, scam, plan, play, love is like living in your finest day

Shining like a crime that descended from the heavens – oh!

Pimping out Christmas on the corner since then till dismay

Lick my balls, no thought’s unspared, my poetry’s semen – al

Grinning like a cynic as I lie to you euphoric

Truth spinning like the globe on the fingertips of trotters

Changing like a memory – it’s not the way you stored it

I liked the girl I had till I saw somebody hotter

Thinking like a pig in pervwords yet oinking like a gent

Question Demise: What if no one ever shot 50 Cent?


Sonnet #4

Hell is my habitat, it hurts to have to fathom that, yes

Drugs, stress, dread, unwanted thoughts of other people having sex

I think I’m depleted, I think I’m defeatist, I lost it

I think I’m heroic, professional poet, I got this

Alternating between dreams and metaphysical nightmares

If you’re still there – I’m here, spaced-out and aware, single but paired

I am Air McNair in this shadow game – the final pass thrown

I could have stayed in class but dropped out as an iconoclast

How’s that working out for you? The question’s posed rhetorically

You saw me suffer stoically, study here the sordid me

I’m addicted to a risk, the supply seems unlimited

Decorum’s an illusion that dresses up the primitive

Is it cynical to notice, have I made you cynical

You used to wonder what I thought – now you think identical










Sonnet #3

My confidence is booming, I symbolize confidence

I’m secure like loot in a vault in a jail cell guarded

So smooth am I I convinced Eve to groove in the garden

I’m happiest when brooding, I symbolize confidence

My erection is a reflection of recollections

Remember faces, their bodies, but no clothes to hide it

Errors in judgment unlike in life here I rewrite it

My confidence is booming, rigid like my erection

I am so sure of myself but I doubt others heavy

If not for your pussy I wouldn’t even seek you mate

My lips are sealed like fate, I will not divulge that I’m great

I flood you, sink you with confidence, no match the levees

I’m tap dancing on your grave though I’m a zombie myself 

Only difference I have risen long ago – you need help?


Sonnet #2 

You are not the first woman I’ve upset, nor will you be last

To look past flaws as they amass is no task without burden

I write what I write without your will to watch me disturbing

Or try, in due time I suppose it will not  have an impact

Sometimes music grows tedious and silence is my preference

This lay of the land I would not design had I foreseen it

Now’s the time if what’s divine had once thought of intervening

Sometimes silence grows tedious and music is my preference

Words, meanings, interpretations of various gradations

Everything is continuation, History nags us Now

When everything is considered calculation, count me out

The line between art and reality – slim separation

The temptation to blur further this distinction enticed me

Peering over my shoulder you’re bound to see the unsightly















Sonnet #1

Mistakes are ghostly how they can haunt and are not physical

Own errors like slaves but they do not work to my advantage

A non-believer banking on results same as miracles

Manage damage with the grace of a civil-hearted savage

It is the lonely in me what perceives erroneously

Self-deception is a good trait to frame goals achievable

Grow in this zone a new tree – just me, ceremoniously

Contemplate descriptions that were almost inconceivable

This activity is unpaid but slays ghosts if they cross mind

The branches will be massive and I will climb on rhyming sounds

Taking trains of thought that render me lost to lose track of time

Once I stop, reminders abound, my issues – the whys and hows

Turning phrases to arrange mazes, peruse amused like new

Life is complicated like sonnets and shorter than haikus