A Place To Live

So I’m having a dis-pute with a landlord

And the whole time I’m thinking “dis is a cute landlord”

She then pulls out a sword and threatens war if I don’t pay

My initial instinct is to run away

But I want to hit on her too so instead I stay 

“What if I take you out on a date?” I say

“Will we be even then?”

No, not even then,” she says annoyed 

“What if I become your sex toy?”

Okay, okay

Now we’re talking

*puts sword away*

Windy City Rose

I’m young and strong
You’re old
And weak
I’ma chair
I tell yo girl
Have a seat
Now that’s what I call chivalry!
I fuck my girl
Three times in a row
Now that’s what I call a trilogy!
I got the best music
So pass ME the auxillary
I’m so presidential how I tweet with hostility
No thrill is too cheap for me
Nor too expensive
I got good D for you
So how can you find that offensive?
If you do, fuck it
Since you’re mouthing my words
You might as well
Suck it!


I’m in love with someone’s wife

I want to rape someone’s wife

I want to hold hands with someone’s wife

I want to listen to music with someone’s wife

I want to listen to someone’s wife

I want to read the same book with someone’s wife

I want to do someone’s wife

Screw someone’s wife – mentally and sexually

I want to woo someone’s wife

Improve someone’s wife

Bust a move on someone’s wife

Smell the ass of someone’s wife

Attend a class with someone’s wife

Spend the cash of someone’s wife

Spend the cash of the husband with the wife


Skylark Motel

I remember we went to the Skylark Motel

I know – “cheap as hell”

Still, time was spent well

You hung your head off the side of the bed

And I inserted my dick in your mouth – I believe that’s called head

I took a few photographs, even snuck a short video

You didn’t get mad, that kind of passive trust made me feel as tho

I’m worthy of trust and so I acted

as if I was

Never showed them to anyone even though that’s what peer pressure does

I reminisce well

On the Skylark Motel

Her Fantasy

She masturbates to me

In her mind I am among the elites

No one has ever thought more

intensively about me

than she. I think. Therefore I am.

The power of the imagination

turns her finger into a crayon

She Crayolas her self

I am good for her health, mentally

I offer escape. She lays on her side

And imagines me there. Squeezing her ass

And stroking her hair. Kissing her soft

Pausing to stare

It is almost like

I am really there.


Too bad, too sad – I pinch her

white ass and give it a slap.

I am Misogyny reincarnated

A harasser, a rapist

I tell her shut up

and take it – while naked.

I fuck her bareback

Her feminism disappears

slowly, but surely.

I wake up early to

rape her again.

Take her into

the slave den.

I sit on the throne

she sucks me off proper

Only I can stop her.