I’m in love with someone’s wife

I want to rape someone’s wife

I want to hold hands with someone’s wife

I want to listen to music with someone’s wife

I want to listen to someone’s wife

I want to read the same book with someone’s wife

I want to do someone’s wife

Screw someone’s wife – mentally and sexually

I want to woo someone’s wife

Improve someone’s wife

Bust a move on someone’s wife

Smell the ass of someone’s wife

Attend a class with someone’s wife

Spend the cash of someone’s wife

Spend the cash of the husband with the wife


Skylark Motel

I remember we went to the Skylark Motel

I know – “cheap as hell”

Still, time was spent well

You hung your head off the side of the bed

And I inserted my dick in your mouth – I believe that’s called head

I took a few photographs, even snuck a short video

You didn’t get mad, that kind of passive trust made me feel as tho

I’m worthy of trust and so I acted

as if I was

Never showed them to anyone even though that’s what peer pressure does

I reminisce well

On the Skylark Motel

Her Fantasy

She masturbates to me

In her mind I am among the elites

No one has ever thought more

intensively about me

than she. I think. Therefore I am.

The power of the imagination

turns her finger into a crayon

She Crayolas her self

I am good for her health, mentally

I offer escape. She lays on her side

And imagines me there. Squeezing her ass

And stroking her hair. Kissing her soft

Pausing to stare

It is almost like

I am really there.


Too bad, too sad – I pinch her

white ass and give it a slap.

I am Misogyny reincarnated

A harasser, a rapist

I tell her shut up

and take it – while naked.

I fuck her bareback

Her feminism disappears

slowly, but surely.

I wake up early to

rape her again.

Take her into

the slave den.

I sit on the throne

she sucks me off proper

Only I can stop her.


I Think I’m Bob Dylan

I think I am he, I am Bob

I sing songs with a broken heart 

My lyrics?

Really smart.

I am Bob, he is I

I am Bob + TMI

I am a…

stoning roll

Or was it…

rolling stone 

I am Bob and I’m alone 

I’m unknown but not completely 

I am Bob, Bobby Dylan inside a teepee 

I am Dylan when he wrote that song 

that Hendrix mastered 

I am Dylan when he was taken up 

by Jesus Christ in the rapture 

I am Bob, Mr. Dylan 

Only difference?

I did not 

make a killing, I admit it

I am Bob Dylan.

Random Pt. 4

I feel like I’m the champ 

As I masturbate into a lava lamp

Thinking of her, never a him

My balls, they touch the brim

I cum and watch 

the color change

It’s kind of strange, I can’t describe

The color before my very eyes 

For some, I am too much sin 

That’s ok, you can go away

Go and say I have gone insane 

Drink champagne, throw a party 

Emulate a Barbie

Do as you wish 

If we ever cross paths 

I will walk away as I blow a kiss

Why does he

act like this 

Like Eminem 

It’s just the way I is

At least here

No need to fear, I’m a lady’s man 

But if I showed them this, would they understand?

Sooner or later I will have to take a chance 

Till then 

I’ll save you

The last dance.