A One Man Tribe


Have a seat

No! I’m telling myself that 

Now wash my feet 

And tell me how great I am

While in the background a Nas song is telling me that I’m the man

Get up! 

Rub my shoulders 

As I tell you about how the world is getting colder

Take mental notes if you want and when you leave the hut

Bring me back a stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut

Bring it back within the hour because if you’re late

Brutal power is what I’m gonna have to demonstrate 

Wait! Hold on 

One more thing

Here’s your lady’s thong

Now let the song sing 

Makaveli The Don

My demise has been greatly exaggerated

I am still here and I am glad I made it

Much of her time I consume like a baby in the womb

I am amongst the shadiest of dudes – along with Nick Cunningham

Behold the famous attitude

I arose optimistic from a poorly dug grave

This website is Masta – and you are my slave

I will teach you how to behave

I will make you eat a grenade

I’ll serve it up on broken plate

Behold your fate – there is no escape

My demise has been greatly exaggerated