Sort Of Like Sonic


In-school suspension

Out of school suspension

The progression

So you listened to Evanecence?

Shopping for my own Christmas present

“Pretend to be surprised when you open it”


That’s fake shit

I go see a painting

Then watch how others see the painting

Like: “what is they thanking”

No, I can’t play an instrument

No, not even a little bit

Welcome to the mind of Rex Tillerson

Let’s begin

Hitchslapping Pascal’s Wager

I need another reason to wear a blazer

It was a good look

I’m deliberating on which book

To get

Before hunting it down

Library card – taking it out

Let me dispel the notion that I have any doubts


Come On Down


The bedroom gets humid

Pronounce differently the word “acumen”

Now you see what I’m doing

I’m just an apparition

Floating around

The Bears should have not taken out Josh McCown

When Jay Cutler came back from an injury that one season

Obama conspired with Donald, but Donald did not want to commit treason

I don’t know this country well enough to pledge allegiance

I can’t speak in-depth about robotics

My two cents are worth as much Ed Monix

Politcs is the greatest show on TV

I watch it as entertainment – like really

Once again the world is collapsing

How many people have to fall under the poverty line before some uncivil shit happens

Look around Jose, everything seems fine

I know, it only seems like I’m overacting

Introducing basic math to an 8th grade class

Sometimes language that’s crass really kicks ass

If you’re in the mood

Business idea: a gym where you must work out in the nude

Eyes glued to YouTube, the world is in there now

I’ma go to Obama’s library, later – it’s not there now

Random Pt. 15

Observe the master

Only I can do this

I named my first son Judas

And his little sister Jesus

I drove a guy to his house and watched him hop into the back of a van

Like damn, I guess he lives there

I became a psychiatrist and ended up selling kitchen appliances

I appeared in The Atlantic and was in a cult Satanic

I did stand up comedy just by telling people what’s wrong with me

I played a game of Jenga and almost lost my shit when I lost to a guy who had Parkinson’s

I was interviewed for a job teaching pre-school kids, but was told “you just don’t look like the type who should be around kids”

I used to operate a crane at a construction site and when I wasn’t doing that I planted dynomite

I received a strange call, a cold voice told me “I’m gonna fucking kill you homie”

I ran a light brazenly, some drivers honked their horn crazily but that wasn’t fazing me

I went to Chinatown to wander around and got into a fight with the Latin Counts

I went to visit an acquantaince in Pilsen only to discover 3 months ago somebody killed him

I ran into an old classmate, he was working at a grocery store and I made him feel better by telling him I’m also still poor

I saw a chavo watching TV in a Tahoe, I got closer and saw he was enjoying an episode of Johnny Bravo

I looked at a calendar and muttered “damn,” I won’t tell you why I said it, you wouldn’t understand

The 13th


On he who is newly hated

It is I, the lamented one

The smell of sweat

Blends well with the scent of cum

I am young in relation to them

And I am among the most salacious of men

Or at least that’s what she said

If I’m a dodge you are


A cheap collage

I’ll let the contradictions go and not paint you as a fraud

I no longer take your crueler sentiments to heart

At least I can say

I tried to make a contribution to the arts

I wish I hadn’t taken down my other site

I was proud of having it

An urge to make a sacrifice struck me

And for that do you ever consider yourself lucky?

A Random Tale

I robbed a hooded goblin

Ran into an avenue of traffic

Self-driving cars all crashed

Into each other

To avoid hitting me

An explosion erupted

And many screams followed

I live in a neighborhood

Called “The Sleepy Hollow”

Turned into an alley

And I was robbed by mad ghouls dressed in physicality

The leader of the group, they called him Totality

I limp away

I was beaten badly by them

I go back to the scene now permeated by the wails of sirens

For no apparent reason a cop executes a group of firemen

In a fashion reminiscent of the crew the news calls ISIS

I catch his eye and he waves me over demanding that I list my vices

On a notepad I scribble just a few of them

He says, “Hmm I only have two of them”

For some reason he is satisfied and I walk away looking back

Mayhem, many cameras now are filming that

I guess it is exciting

Univiting to be part of it

And I’m standing outside of it

Despite being at the heart of it

Question Demise

If I think of a rhyme

Should I not write it

Because it might get construed

Into an unfavorable view

The question’s posed rhetorically

What’s the difference between thinking allegorically

And thinking metaphorically?

You tell me

I’m writing through it

Think a couple of weeks ago

You would have said “Jose if we don’t make it, keep it moving”

I think at present that’s what I’m set on doing

Random Pt. 14

Break a heart and then depart

What if I went to a grocery store

And jumped

into someone’s shopping cart

And the shopper didn’t mind

And pushed my weight for exercise

Getting called wise

For saying things you know

Are not wisdom

Imagine a wizard in prison

It’s just unseemly



Since before


You are about to fight a lion

Choose one ancient weapon

Reading literotica

It stirs the senses

Picture a room

Filled with contrarians

Trying to reach a consensus

Rare is me wearing

Socks that match

A boa that does not constrict

What good is it?

A dark persona coming out of a coma

Which is better: Oklahoma or Arizona

I don’t know, I’m just the writer

That feeling when you’re about to smoke

But forgot to bring a lighter

Not to worry, I have one

Let’s get one thing straight

I like it random