Come On Down


The bedroom gets humid

Pronounce differently the word “acumen”

Now you see what I’m doing

I’m just an apparition

Floating around

The Bears should have not taken out Josh McCown

When Jay Cutler came back from an injury that one season

Obama conspired with Donald, but Donald did not want to commit treason

I don’t know this country well enough to pledge allegiance

I can’t speak in-depth about robotics

My two cents are worth as much Ed Monix

Politcs is the greatest show on TV

I watch it as entertainment – like really

Once again the world is collapsing

How many people have to fall under the poverty line before some uncivil shit happens

Look around Jose, everything seems fine

I know, it only seems like I’m overacting

Introducing basic math to an 8th grade class

Sometimes language that’s crass really kicks ass

If you’re in the mood

Business idea: a gym where you must work out in the nude

Eyes glued to YouTube, the world is in there now

I’ma go to Obama’s library, later – it’s not there now


Random Pt. 13

I knew a guy

Who would self-destruct

For a hundred bucks

I do it cheaper

A bit of a creeper, who doesn’t stalk

These days, it’s so easy

No one has to know

Tickle your fancy

I once took to bed

A girl named Nancy

Don’t get it confused

I have nothing to lose

But my bitter freedom

I’m in a cell already

I don’t have to share it

The only contrast

I’m shy with the potential for bombast

A fly on the wall

In polite


What would happen if the President spoke at a packed venue

And everyone there simply decided to attack him


No one could stop it

We’d see it on the news like damn

It can happen. If everyone reacted

On the same page, an unconscious plan

Spontaneous rebels

What’s better

Hip Hop or Heavy Metal?

Tell me now

I’m in the crowd like I’ve been absorbed

Holders of signs for peace signal noble plots with eyes of war

I open doors

And slam them shut

In my own face

Just for kicks

I once tagged along

And hit a lick

This be the city

I detest

If I was born else

Where would I have fared better?

Two guys having a conversation

For the sake of determining

Who’s more clever


one punch shattering

a spinal cord entirely

I sit back and realize

I inspire me

Everyone claims to be bored

Even in the midst of being amused

I used to watch Blues Clues

I never watched Fox News

100 caveats for you

Then I express my views

Number Munchers & The Hall of Fame

My favorite system was the 64

I had so many

Favorite games

I can’t name one above all

All the Mario games – I loved them all

I played and had a zone

Now I don’t play

Cause I can’t tap into that zone

Part of growing up I guess

I prefer to see women in leggings

But if you’re gonna conceal it

I prefer a dress

Life’s a test

Happiness is not the prize

It’s so fleeting

When I was happy, it was short lived

And I’m still alive

Behind all this who could it be

In the photograph – that one guy

My, oh, my

Her Mom

Honey you should give that poor kid a chance

I’m sure he’s not like that in person – through the net you’ll never advance

Take some responsibility dear for things going wrong

He was not talking about me when he said he’d shoot someone’s mom

He invested a lot in you – and he never spent a dollar – what’s that tell you

He exaggerated when he said he was a liar, sometimes he’s a little mental

Bye honey

Random Pt. 3

I’m at a studio in the vocal booth with Marco


The stage name he decided on is Marco


He threw me

a bag of rubies, which inspired me to record a hook

Inside the booth is a mirror and we’re checking out

how we look

He clears his throat a bunch of times and then

attacks the mic

I shout ad-libs from behind

when he’s done, I command the mic

The hook is dope, he’s impressed

when he hears it back

he bows his head

and pounds his chest

We’re on tour months later and on the bus debate who’s greater

Is it him or me?

I act like

it perplexes me

But deep within

I think it’s me

Then he claims

“If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t be shit”

I must admit, that got me pissed

The tour’s done

I go solo

I diss him hard on a song called



Now the poor guy can’t even go gold, I think we know

who the victor is

Next thing you know I’m at a red light

listening to my latest hit

A Dodge Ram pulls up and I hear a voice

talking shit

Yes, it’s Marco, hanging out the window

Red-faced and waving a fist

Then he pulls a gun but in the midst of it

falls headfirst

on the street

I get out the car and now Marco…


he is asleep