I love women

I love fantasizing

About women

Many different women

It’s just the shape of certain women

Something about women

I respect women whenever I’m around women

But at the same time I love the bodies of women, the faces of women

I don’t mean to objectify women, I just call it having natural fantasies about women

I’d never violate women

But watching it happen in porn – I’m not against it, I’m for it

At the end of the day I love women

And I’ve hurt women, not physically, but I’ve been mean to women

Especially women who were close to me, that’s not how it’s supposed to be but you know how relationships are

I just love women – sexually and otherwise

Sometimes I get mesmermized by women

And sometimes I hypnotize women

I love women, all the time

Even if I’m not sexually attracted to a woman

I’ll still be nice to that woman and appreciate that woman

The looks of certain women, the beauty of a woman

There’s nothing else like it

Random Pt. 14

Break a heart and then depart

What if I went to a grocery store

And jumped

into someone’s shopping cart

And the shopper didn’t mind

And pushed my weight for exercise

Getting called wise

For saying things you know

Are not wisdom

Imagine a wizard in prison

It’s just unseemly



Since before


You are about to fight a lion

Choose one ancient weapon

Reading literotica

It stirs the senses

Picture a room

Filled with contrarians

Trying to reach a consensus

Rare is me wearing

Socks that match

A boa that does not constrict

What good is it?

A dark persona coming out of a coma

Which is better: Oklahoma or Arizona

I don’t know, I’m just the writer

That feeling when you’re about to smoke

But forgot to bring a lighter

Not to worry, I have one

Let’s get one thing straight

I like it random

Poet Tree

Fuck it, in the end all I have is poetry

Inside we’re all an ocean of emotions and I let it flow from me to here

I am seeking a new muse to help me steer my thoughts

And there’s only one way to pull it off

I understand some investments turn out to be a loss

I think I’m Randy Moss

When he mooned the crowd

I wow when I write, a spectacular sight

My heart’s as black as Casper

is white

Work Drugs – Rad Racer

I Like Them Eyes

Sometimes I wound up living by my own words, at times you lived by mine

I hardly lived by yours, you hardly shared as many as my words to opine

Now you have some things to say, about fucking time – but can you rhyme?

From slime I built what you might call sublime, then devolved back to slime


I appreciate the kind sentiments, like seriously I do

Just for that, I might dedicate to you a string of new haikus

I would like to learn about Japanese culture – you mind teaching me?

You might be the person reaching me


My favorite Power Ranger was the pink one, can you guess why?

Why rest in peace apart when we can rest side by side? (Good Question)

I’m not competing with you, I’m competing for you

Are you going to tell the judge that I adore you?


We don’t have to have sex right away – patience is virtuous – “they” say

I shine like Kay Jewelers, initially began in pure shade

Save the intimidation for someone less experienced with violence

If a critic puts his hands on me, he will be silenced

But only temporarily, I’m really a nice guy

I’m in Hell with Heaven above me so I look on…

the bright side.

Her Fantasy

She masturbates to me

In her mind I am among the elites

No one has ever thought more

intensively about me

than she. I think. Therefore I am.

The power of the imagination

turns her finger into a crayon

She Crayolas her self

I am good for her health, mentally

I offer escape. She lays on her side

And imagines me there. Squeezing her ass

And stroking her hair. Kissing her soft

Pausing to stare

It is almost like

I am really there.