A One Man Tribe


Have a seat

No! I’m telling myself that 

Now wash my feet 

And tell me how great I am

While in the background a Nas song is telling me that I’m the man

Get up! 

Rub my shoulders 

As I tell you about how the world is getting colder

Take mental notes if you want and when you leave the hut

Bring me back a stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut

Bring it back within the hour because if you’re late

Brutal power is what I’m gonna have to demonstrate 

Wait! Hold on 

One more thing

Here’s your lady’s thong

Now let the song sing 

I Think I’m Bob Dylan

I think I am he, I am Bob

I sing songs with a broken heart 

My lyrics?

Really smart.

I am Bob, he is I

I am Bob + TMI

I am a…

stoning roll

Or was it…

rolling stone 

I am Bob and I’m alone 

I’m unknown but not completely 

I am Bob, Bobby Dylan inside a teepee 

I am Dylan when he wrote that song 

that Hendrix mastered 

I am Dylan when he was taken up 

by Jesus Christ in the rapture 

I am Bob, Mr. Dylan 

Only difference?

I did not 

make a killing, I admit it

I am Bob Dylan.

Random Pt. 3

I’m at a studio in the vocal booth with Marco


The stage name he decided on is Marco


He threw me

a bag of rubies, which inspired me to record a hook

Inside the booth is a mirror and we’re checking out

how we look

He clears his throat a bunch of times and then

attacks the mic

I shout ad-libs from behind

when he’s done, I command the mic

The hook is dope, he’s impressed

when he hears it back

he bows his head

and pounds his chest

We’re on tour months later and on the bus debate who’s greater

Is it him or me?

I act like

it perplexes me

But deep within

I think it’s me

Then he claims

“If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t be shit”

I must admit, that got me pissed

The tour’s done

I go solo

I diss him hard on a song called



Now the poor guy can’t even go gold, I think we know

who the victor is

Next thing you know I’m at a red light

listening to my latest hit

A Dodge Ram pulls up and I hear a voice

talking shit

Yes, it’s Marco, hanging out the window

Red-faced and waving a fist

Then he pulls a gun but in the midst of it

falls headfirst

on the street

I get out the car and now Marco…


he is asleep