Random Pt. 16

I’m often asked, “Jose, what inspires you?” 

Anything, really 

Anything from a guy riding a bike popping a wheelie 

To the sounds produced by a mouth that’s mealy 

I’m often asked, “Jose, what are your plans for the summer?”

Nothing, really

I know that’s a bummer

Like my neighbor, last week he was run over by a Hummer

H3 I believe it was

I’m often asked, “Jose, what inspires you?”

Everything, really 

Breakfast With Jose

Eating Frosted Flakes

With chocolate syrup

It tastes gr-r-reat

I ponder my fate to the sound of crunching

I guess just this once you can know what I’m munching

I have a hunch, a series of them

Should I act on them or stick to the rational

Sometimes I really don’t know

I just go

with the Flow

The flow, with it

I go

Ya know?