Random PT. 17

Ok. So I rode a shooting star into a hookah bar
And I’m telling people
do you have any idea
who we are?
Even tho it’s only me
A lonely bee
The last one, the ecosystem
depends on me
Supermodels leave their scent on me
And I on them
Never will u be
peeping me keeping
An eye on them
Kuz I don’t care
If they’re over here, or over there
By themselves or with Ric Flair
My crystal stare just sits there
If you swung a bat
you’d hit air
I’d hit hide
Remember when Jackie was going out with Hyde?
That was kind of weird
I’m spaced out
But I’m kinda here
When I tell ppl to perform an action
I always end it with “kindly dear”
But back to the bar, the hookah bar
On the TV screen is Russia in chains
And President Trump saying: Putin is ours
Fuck tobacco (for now)
I’m smoking sour
diesel baby
I’m scanning the room
Wondering how many patrons are reppin’ the 80’s
Cuz I’m from the 90’s – a rival gang
It’s a tribal thang
Believe in nothing or the Bible’s claims?
That’s what I’m asking
Some guy is fasting
Some guy’s relaxing
Suddenly the room breaks up into factions
The 90’s, 80’s, and then the 70’s
Millennials teamed up quick as fuck
And killed the elderly
And that’s when I heard the bell ring