I Think I’m Bob Dylan

I think I am he, I am Bob

I sing songs with a broken heart 

My lyrics?

Really smart.

I am Bob, he is I

I am Bob + TMI

I am a…

stoning roll

Or was it…

rolling stone 

I am Bob and I’m alone 

I’m unknown but not completely 

I am Bob, Bobby Dylan inside a teepee 

I am Dylan when he wrote that song 

that Hendrix mastered 

I am Dylan when he was taken up 

by Jesus Christ in the rapture 

I am Bob, Mr. Dylan 

Only difference?

I did not 

make a killing, I admit it

I am Bob Dylan.

A Melody

Expressive, explicit, impressive and terrific

The best of what I’ve written is aggressively divisive

Selective with my women all I offer is my image

“Do you like hairy pussies?” I said –

“Nah, you should trim it”