The Shadow Realm

You said you would follow


Into the dark, the abyss

But that wasn’t shit

Believe it or not

I got sicker thoughts than that


it depends on who you ask

You reckoned I was hot before…

My new haircut is the bomb

Even my mum will tell you

I got it going on

I think I got a gift

And I don’t know who to give it to

I think together we epitomize the spiritual

But I have to be physical

I was born this way

The Light

Take what he has in his bank

account and let’s go

to Tokyo with it

That would be exquisite

Go to all the


Damn. That would be cool.



The only fantasy I want to liveĀ out

is to be with you.

But if I scared you away

it’s because I was a creepy dude

and that has nothing to do with race.

I really think that you are the one

and I never thought it was too late

to team up. I dream upĀ nicer things,

you just never see them

You’ll call me too emotional

if you were to read them.

But I guess I’m already too emotional, so what’s the harm?

Think of the prospect of reading them as an incentive

to fall snugly in my arms.

Is moving on possible

I keep returning

This Valentine’s day I was alone

Like many days prior

Now call me a liar

I once had a website in which I wrote “satire”

I thought it was bad, what did you think?

We’ve been pushed to the brink and I think we’ll be ghosts soon

And we both know this is true






Love & War

What can I say, soon I will be met by my nemesis – Reality

At least I did not succumb to indifference and banality

I was not as evil as I was stupid or as holy as I was smart

Part of having a ruined reputation is not being credited with a pure heart

The pendulum swings from Like to Love that is supposed to be us in the picture

You were water and I was Tang bitter at first till some sugar appeared in the mixture

Where it came from? Strange luck the feelings of mankind

I’ll catch you if you fall even if I catch you at a bad time – me, the “bad” guy

I guess put simply my real life persona differs drastically from my online one

Or musical one or any persona perception creates when I’m not within touch

Don’t you know a lone wolf never recruits others to partake in shenanigans?

I am too proud as a writer to let another write for me that would be a sin

They claim that I am a man but I see myself as a kid whenever I imagine 

When I appear the ladies say I’m dashing when I leave they say I’m dashing

I wish I wandered the world of Digimon with my hand on a Pokeball

I wish I had a plastic stool so that I could maybe dunk a basketball

I walk around with a poker face yet everyone can tell I’ve been dealt a bad hand

Or maybe I was dealt a good hand and I wasted it – I wish I had a second chance

Going haywire my mind is a lake of fire – my mind is my boss and I can’t be fired

I have a secret admirer who is hooked on poetry and I am her main supplier

My balls feel heavy at this particular time though I’m a lightweight

I pity the blind gambler asking competitors “What do the dice say?”

Yeah I’m Jesus, last name Christ

Middle name Vice

Since time immemorial













I Like Them Eyes

Sometimes I wound up living by my own words, at times you lived by mine

I hardly lived by yours, you hardly shared as many as my words to opine

Now you have some things to say, about fucking time – but can you rhyme?

From slime I built what you might call sublime, then devolved back to slime


I appreciate the kind sentiments, like seriously I do

Just for that, I might dedicate to you a string of new haikus

I would like to learn about Japanese culture – you mind teaching me?

You might be the person reaching me


My favorite Power Ranger was the pink one, can you guess why?

Why rest in peace apart when we can rest side by side? (Good Question)

I’m not competing with you, I’m competing for you

Are you going to tell the judge that I adore you?


We don’t have to have sex right away – patience is virtuous – “they” say

I shine like Kay Jewelers, initially began in pure shade

Save the intimidation for someone less experienced with violence

If a critic puts his hands on me, he will be silenced

But only temporarily, I’m really a nice guy

I’m in Hell with Heaven above me so I look on…

the bright side.