Masturbating cause I’m tired of waiting

I take a shower and wonder when’s the last time

I layed down for bathing

I can’t recall

On the kitchen table is a bag of Halls

Whose could it be?

A thought that’s very brief

I make coffee


I have to write them off me

I think awfully

And that’s not even unique

I’m gonna tell you the thoughts I think

If I speak

Shit looks bleak

Why remind me?

Life is tragic

Life is like a habit and everyone is born an addict

Though some turn

to Suicide

I used to listen heavily

to Do Or Die

My headphones are paradise

My own chamber, a chamber within a chamber

Sometimes you need a little danger to remind you of the value of peace

I think ‘fuck the police” but if I’m pulled over I’m very sweet

A gentleman, a gentle man

Taking screenshots of a tweet posted on Facebook

and uploading it to Instagram

That is life now, can’t go back

My style is throwback or is it new

I don’t believe in voodoo

Who knew I’d be how I am

I look at pics from when I was a kid and think “damn”

How many jams will I be in

Before I overcome

I think I’m dumb, I think I’m smart, I think I’m dumb

and smart

I want to play every part

But not your role

No, I’ll never be swole

unless I use steroids

Fill the void, fill it fast

Have a blast then blast yourself

Crash the car, then crash yourself

Great advice, I gave it out

and quickly took it

Open up my booklet, read the words

This is not absurd, life, it burns

How hungry would I have to be

To eat a worm

Hope I never know

Enjoy the show

The show called Consciousness

It only ends

when you die

Unless you believe

your consciousness will teleport into the afterlife

I think that’s a lie and I didn’t tell it

I’m a salesman

with a story

And I can’t sell it

Dwell, dwell

Dwell on it longer, my mind was made to dwell

Something about hell

And finally – a reason to use gel

I haven’t fallen since the day I’ve fallen

I’m all in, bet my measly life

Cutting steak with a butterknife

Gotta use what’s available, and that’s what is

I woke up

And told the class

They’re not dismissed

An Excursion

I’m at a Family Dollar

Deodorant in hand

And I’m in the aisle that has the dog collars

I get a call

10 minutes later I’m at a mall

With no money

I look at things

I can’t buy

That’s funny

I can’t buy

nothing here

So why am I here?

I leave and drive

to an area that I’ve yet to visit

Black teens at a bus stop, I hear them talk, it’s all explicit

And the jargon used it’s kind of new

I can’t understand it, I’m getting old

If I were to be homeless – I’d go

where it’s never cold

Homeless in fine weather

May be better than having a home

In shitty weather

I make a left

And a dude with a gun called Mac shoots a dude with a gun called Tec

I witness this with a slight flinch and then hit the gas

I’m thinking back on my car crash

Unnecessary, that it was

I park the car and get out dressed in such a way I can pass for a thug

But in this neighborhood everyone looks harder, looks tougher

I take a stroll on plenty uppers and notice things

Sometimes nothing interesting pops up to take note of

All my writing stored up, will it ever see

The dark of day

A city slicker with the heart of hay

A country boy talking slang and claiming to be from an urban gang

The other side I venture into

I’m standing in line observing a menu

What is it that I want to eat?


it smells like feet

I turn to leave

I don’t really need to eat

Out of boredom, some people eat

Look at me, you can tell

I need to eat

I walk by a beggar

With a cold shoulder

My life

of luxury

That could be me

But it’s not

I never call

weed pot

My mind jots like hopscotch

Things I think not now

I will think later

You live next door

As do you

But if you ask me – I have no neighbors

Random Pt. 13

I knew a guy

Who would self-destruct

For a hundred bucks

I do it cheaper

A bit of a creeper, who doesn’t stalk

These days, it’s so easy

No one has to know

Tickle your fancy

I once took to bed

A girl named Nancy

Don’t get it confused

I have nothing to lose

But my bitter freedom

I’m in a cell already

I don’t have to share it

The only contrast

I’m shy with the potential for bombast

A fly on the wall

In polite


What would happen if the President spoke at a packed venue

And everyone there simply decided to attack him


No one could stop it

We’d see it on the news like damn

It can happen. If everyone reacted

On the same page, an unconscious plan

Spontaneous rebels

What’s better

Hip Hop or Heavy Metal?

Tell me now

I’m in the crowd like I’ve been absorbed

Holders of signs for peace signal noble plots with eyes of war

I open doors

And slam them shut

In my own face

Just for kicks

I once tagged along

And hit a lick

This be the city

I detest

If I was born else

Where would I have fared better?

Two guys having a conversation

For the sake of determining

Who’s more clever


one punch shattering

a spinal cord entirely

I sit back and realize

I inspire me

Everyone claims to be bored

Even in the midst of being amused

I used to watch Blues Clues

I never watched Fox News

100 caveats for you

Then I express my views

Number Munchers & The Hall of Fame

My favorite system was the 64

I had so many

Favorite games

I can’t name one above all

All the Mario games – I loved them all

I played and had a zone

Now I don’t play

Cause I can’t tap into that zone

Part of growing up I guess

I prefer to see women in leggings

But if you’re gonna conceal it

I prefer a dress

Life’s a test

Happiness is not the prize

It’s so fleeting

When I was happy, it was short lived

And I’m still alive

Behind all this who could it be

In the photograph – that one guy

My, oh, my


So I’m on a street called Cicero

Slowing to a stop as the light turns


I’m heading Downtown

to hang out with a clown


We’re gonna see things now

to cherish later as a memory

Global warming?

I don’t care

Fuck the next century

What about me?

Right about now

Working as a clown

Making funny sounds

With a hat on the ground

And no one is around

The other clown says

I’m losing it mentally

I knew it would happen


Income inequality was meant to be

And I’m on the wrong side of this disparity

Somehow I must

rise in popularity


For now? I’m a loner,

a roamer

An undisclosed persona

My thoughts are like perfume

And I love my own aroma














Sonnet #4

Hell is my habitat, it hurts to have to fathom that, yes

Drugs, stress, dread, unwanted thoughts of other people having sex

I think I’m depleted, I think I’m defeatist, I lost it

I think I’m heroic, professional poet, I got this

Alternating between dreams and metaphysical nightmares

If you’re still there – I’m here, spaced-out and aware, single but paired

I am Air McNair in this shadow game – the final pass thrown

I could have stayed in class but dropped out as an iconoclast

How’s that working out for you? The question’s posed rhetorically

You saw me suffer stoically, study here the sordid me

I’m addicted to a risk, the supply seems unlimited

Decorum’s an illusion that dresses up the primitive

Is it cynical to notice, have I made you cynical

You used to wonder what I thought – now you think identical