The Hot Girl At The Casino

There’s a hot girl at the casino

She works security 

And she’s so purtty 

Her pants ain’t tight yet that ass looks great

I think she likes me, she looks my way

Is that a sign? It has to be

We want to talk to each other

But naturally 

She tries to get close 

But never close enough

Fuck it! I’m gonna approach tonight 

If I see her! Maybe she’s not working

I hope every day I’m working, she’s working

I think the only reason I’m still working there is to see her – she makes it worth it 

Maybe one day

When we’re 

Happily (?)

Married with children, vacationing in Reno

We’ll come back and read the poem titled: The Hot Girl At The Casino 

A One Man Tribe


Have a seat

No! I’m telling myself that 

Now wash my feet 

And tell me how great I am

While in the background a Nas song is telling me that I’m the man

Get up! 

Rub my shoulders 

As I tell you about how the world is getting colder

Take mental notes if you want and when you leave the hut

Bring me back a stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut

Bring it back within the hour because if you’re late

Brutal power is what I’m gonna have to demonstrate 

Wait! Hold on 

One more thing

Here’s your lady’s thong

Now let the song sing 

A Place To Live

So I’m having a dis-pute with a landlord

And the whole time I’m thinking “dis is a cute landlord”

She then pulls out a sword and threatens war if I don’t pay

My initial instinct is to run away

But I want to hit on her too so instead I stay 

“What if I take you out on a date?” I say

“Will we be even then?”

No, not even then,” she says annoyed 

“What if I become your sex toy?”

Okay, okay

Now we’re talking

*puts sword away*

Random Pt. 16

I’m often asked, “Jose, what inspires you?” 

Anything, really 

Anything from a guy riding a bike popping a wheelie 

To the sounds produced by a mouth that’s mealy 

I’m often asked, “Jose, what are your plans for the summer?”

Nothing, really

I know that’s a bummer

Like my neighbor, last week he was run over by a Hummer

H3 I believe it was

I’m often asked, “Jose, what inspires you?”

Everything, really 

Windy City Rose

I’m young and strong
You’re old
And weak
I’ma chair
I tell yo girl
Have a seat
Now that’s what I call chivalry!
I fuck my girl
Three times in a row
Now that’s what I call a trilogy!
I got the best music
So pass ME the auxillary
I’m so presidential how I tweet with hostility
No thrill is too cheap for me
Nor too expensive
I got good D for you
So how can you find that offensive?
If you do, fuck it
Since you’re mouthing my words
You might as well
Suck it!

Chicago’s Very Own

It’s time for a new decision

Death is the goal so long as life is the mission

If I’m asking for it you can’t feel bad when you give it

So if you’re feeling froggy then ribbit

I’ve instilled in you the indifference I too had to live with till…

Should I be proud?

To a certain extent I think yes

If my rhymes are my wardrobe

I think it’s fair to say I’m not always dressed to impress

So what’s next?

I’m just gonna keep writing

Cross my fingers

And hope the next gal who comes along will find it enticing