Chicago’s Very Own

It’s time for a new decision

Death is the goal so long as life is the mission

If I’m asking for it you can’t feel bad when you give it

So if you’re feeling froggy then ribbit

I’ve instilled in you the indifference I too had to live with till…

Should I be proud?

To a certain extent I think yes

If my rhymes are my wardrobe

I think it’s fair to say I’m not always dressed to impress

So what’s next?

I’m just gonna keep writing

Cross my fingers

And hope the next gal who comes along will find it enticing


That One Guy

I prefer to be alone

And even though I’m sick of this place

There’s no place like home

If poetry is alcohol

This is Prohibition

And I am Al Capone


I invite you to take my breath away

Or at least try

Many folk

Feast eyes

On what a starving artist wrote


I love like a demon and sin like a saint

I excel most when drawing ire

Or painting depictions of angst

No restraints

And at length

Because I fell from a world I once blended into

And wandered into a room

The saga continues


Die Alone

I’m so glad you have a partner so you won’t have to die alone

The problem with risking it for me

If it didn’t work out you might have had to die alone

And I am so glad you don’t have to die alone

I could have been the reason that you wound up dying all alone

I’m so glad I’m not the reason you wound up dying all alone

Still I had an actual chance in person

So you were obviously prepared

To risk dying all alone

And I’m glad you’re not scared of dying all alone

It could of been because of me

You ended up dying all alone

I rather you die with someone by your side

Than chance it with me

And end up dying all alone

Decades from now you’ll look back

Exhaling a last sigh of relief, turning your head and seeing your partner watching you leave

Maybe you wonder about me

If you do, just remember I am glad

You aren’t dying all alone

A Random Tale

I robbed a hooded goblin

Ran into an avenue of traffic

Self-driving cars all crashed

Into each other

To avoid hitting me

An explosion erupted

And many screams followed

I live in a neighborhood

Called “The Sleepy Hollow”

Turned into an alley

And I was robbed by mad ghouls dressed in physicality

The leader of the group, they called him Totality

I limp away

I was beaten badly by them

I go back to the scene now permeated by the wails of sirens

For no apparent reason a cop executes a group of firemen

In a fashion reminiscent of the crew the news calls ISIS

I catch his eye and he waves me over demanding that I list my vices

On a notepad I scribble just a few of them

He says, “Hmm I only have two of them”

For some reason he is satisfied and I walk away looking back

Mayhem, many cameras now are filming that

I guess it is exciting

Univiting to be part of it

And I’m standing outside of it

Despite being at the heart of it

Random Pt. 14

Break a heart and then depart

What if I went to a grocery store

And jumped

into someone’s shopping cart

And the shopper didn’t mind

And pushed my weight for exercise

Getting called wise

For saying things you know

Are not wisdom

Imagine a wizard in prison

It’s just unseemly



Since before


You are about to fight a lion

Choose one ancient weapon

Reading literotica

It stirs the senses

Picture a room

Filled with contrarians

Trying to reach a consensus

Rare is me wearing

Socks that match

A boa that does not constrict

What good is it?

A dark persona coming out of a coma

Which is better: Oklahoma or Arizona

I don’t know, I’m just the writer

That feeling when you’re about to smoke

But forgot to bring a lighter

Not to worry, I have one

Let’s get one thing straight

I like it random

An Excursion

I’m at a Family Dollar

Deodorant in hand

And I’m in the aisle that has the dog collars

I get a call

10 minutes later I’m at a mall

With no money

I look at things

I can’t buy

That’s funny

I can’t buy

nothing here

So why am I here?

I leave and drive

to an area that I’ve yet to visit

Black teens at a bus stop, I hear them talk, it’s all explicit

And the jargon used it’s kind of new

I can’t understand it, I’m getting old

If I were to be homeless – I’d go

where it’s never cold

Homeless in fine weather

May be better than having a home

In shitty weather

I make a left

And a dude with a gun called Mac shoots a dude with a gun called Tec

I witness this with a slight flinch and then hit the gas

I’m thinking back on my car crash

Unnecessary, that it was

I park the car and get out dressed in such a way I can pass for a thug

But in this neighborhood everyone looks harder, looks tougher

I take a stroll on plenty uppers and notice things

Sometimes nothing interesting pops up to take note of

All my writing stored up, will it ever see

The dark of day

A city slicker with the heart of hay

A country boy talking slang and claiming to be from an urban gang

The other side I venture into

I’m standing in line observing a menu

What is it that I want to eat?


it smells like feet

I turn to leave

I don’t really need to eat

Out of boredom, some people eat

Look at me, you can tell

I need to eat

I walk by a beggar

With a cold shoulder

My life

of luxury

That could be me

But it’s not

I never call

weed pot

My mind jots like hopscotch

Things I think not now

I will think later

You live next door

As do you

But if you ask me – I have no neighbors

Random Pt. 13

I knew a guy

Who would self-destruct

For a hundred bucks

I do it cheaper

A bit of a creeper, who doesn’t stalk

These days, it’s so easy

No one has to know

Tickle your fancy

I once took to bed

A girl named Nancy

Don’t get it confused

I have nothing to lose

But my bitter freedom

I’m in a cell already

I don’t have to share it

The only contrast

I’m shy with the potential for bombast

A fly on the wall

In polite


What would happen if the President spoke at a packed venue

And everyone there simply decided to attack him


No one could stop it

We’d see it on the news like damn

It can happen. If everyone reacted

On the same page, an unconscious plan

Spontaneous rebels

What’s better

Hip Hop or Heavy Metal?

Tell me now

I’m in the crowd like I’ve been absorbed

Holders of signs for peace signal noble plots with eyes of war

I open doors

And slam them shut

In my own face

Just for kicks

I once tagged along

And hit a lick

This be the city

I detest

If I was born else

Where would I have fared better?

Two guys having a conversation

For the sake of determining

Who’s more clever


one punch shattering

a spinal cord entirely

I sit back and realize

I inspire me

Everyone claims to be bored

Even in the midst of being amused

I used to watch Blues Clues

I never watched Fox News

100 caveats for you

Then I express my views

Number Munchers & The Hall of Fame

My favorite system was the 64

I had so many

Favorite games

I can’t name one above all

All the Mario games – I loved them all

I played and had a zone

Now I don’t play

Cause I can’t tap into that zone

Part of growing up I guess

I prefer to see women in leggings

But if you’re gonna conceal it

I prefer a dress

Life’s a test

Happiness is not the prize

It’s so fleeting

When I was happy, it was short lived

And I’m still alive

Behind all this who could it be

In the photograph – that one guy

My, oh, my