An Ethereal View

I’m thinking different

Think the same. then switch

back to different

Something’s wrong

It’s intuition

So I can’t be specific

Something’s wrong

in general

And every cure is specifically designed

To remove one small ill at a time

Quality of life has reached its pinnacle

Perhaps I can do a little better if I try enormous

Or go to sleep and die dormant

I don’t know

I see others

Around where I live

And wonder if

they suffer

Similar shit

I ask around

Words and ears

A flask to mouth

Everyone laughs

at what I’m talking about

I live in doubt

No one’s true

Myriad avenues

Are still left

Which should I take

Should passion count?

I am down,

for the count

I consume a hand

Full of mela-

Tonin and

pass out

I wake up,

he’s still counting

He says he’s counting

many years

I don’t live in fear

I live in doubt

Debt haunts me

I can’t take

certain routes

And that’s a shame

I switch lanes

My principle

in elementary school

Her name was Ms. James

I think pain, think strange

I want to know the pain your hiding

You tell me



you are not providing



So I’m on a street called Cicero

Slowing to a stop as the light turns


I’m heading Downtown

to hang out with a clown


We’re gonna see things now

to cherish later as a memory

Global warming?

I don’t care

Fuck the next century

What about me?

Right about now

Working as a clown

Making funny sounds

With a hat on the ground

And no one is around

The other clown says

I’m losing it mentally

I knew it would happen


Income inequality was meant to be

And I’m on the wrong side of this disparity

Somehow I must

rise in popularity


For now? I’m a loner,

a roamer

An undisclosed persona

My thoughts are like perfume

And I love my own aroma














Random Pt. 7

This one’s for fun

it’s a grand finale that

is brought to you

by an alley cat

Roguish and random

with my face

I hand some

kisses out. Dish it out if you promise

to dish it back, tradition, I think it wack

Can one be conceited and depressed

at the same time? I guess I know the answer

I overfilled a pool with semen

The belly button of a belly dancer

Loose like a cannon, poetic, romantic

Swim in an ocean

of fleeting semantics

Tidal wave with each jam picked

For a while I was the cause of

His pan


I hang around longer than I should

call it loitering love

Last night I was at a club

But when I went

to sleep it shut off

I look Indian,

you just go to India

I once impregnated

the mind of Virgin-I-ah

And yes, abortion is still an option

Or death can adopt it

Have you tried finding

my new shit

Some are infatuated with my demise

some rude shit

Imagine grinning while hoisted

on a crucifix

Like, what’s wrong with that guy

Or girl, she can be crucified too

I’m gonna die because I have to

Not because of you

For the record I’m not bi

But I can appreciate the looks

of a hot dude

What I do in my room is brew up a storm

You are a thorn but you are not on my side

So how can you hurt me?

This last link is the chain

You hardly can jerk me

I am refreshing

Like any flavored slurpee

at a 7/11

Call me Daniel McDevin













She’s pushing 40 man

Don’t worry you got her 

In the palm of your hand.

She can’t get 

No other man.

Change not your plans.

She will always stand

Right where she stands.


Plus that other thing – she is your slave

Whoa! You got it grand!

If you left 

Her fam…won’t understand 

You know this too 

You are the man!