An Excursion

I’m at a Family Dollar

Deodorant in hand

And I’m in the aisle that has the dog collars

I get a call

10 minutes later I’m at a mall

With no money

I look at things

I can’t buy

That’s funny

I can’t buy

nothing here

So why am I here?

I leave and drive

to an area that I’ve yet to visit

Black teens at a bus stop, I hear them talk, it’s all explicit

And the jargon used it’s kind of new

I can’t understand it, I’m getting old

If I were to be homeless – I’d go

where it’s never cold

Homeless in fine weather

May be better than having a home

In shitty weather

I make a left

And a dude with a gun called Mac shoots a dude with a gun called Tec

I witness this with a slight flinch and then hit the gas

I’m thinking back on my car crash

Unnecessary, that it was

I park the car and get out dressed in such a way I can pass for a thug

But in this neighborhood everyone looks harder, looks tougher

I take a stroll on plenty uppers and notice things

Sometimes nothing interesting pops up to take note of

All my writing stored up, will it ever see

The dark of day

A city slicker with the heart of hay

A country boy talking slang and claiming to be from an urban gang

The other side I venture into

I’m standing in line observing a menu

What is it that I want to eat?


it smells like feet

I turn to leave

I don’t really need to eat

Out of boredom, some people eat

Look at me, you can tell

I need to eat

I walk by a beggar

With a cold shoulder

My life

of luxury

That could be me

But it’s not

I never call

weed pot

My mind jots like hopscotch

Things I think not now

I will think later

You live next door

As do you

But if you ask me – I have no neighbors

Breakfast With Jose

Eating Frosted Flakes

With chocolate syrup

It tastes gr-r-reat

I ponder my fate to the sound of crunching

I guess just this once you can know what I’m munching

I have a hunch, a series of them

Should I act on them or stick to the rational

Sometimes I really don’t know

I just go

with the Flow

The flow, with it

I go

Ya know?

At Present

Playing it cool because I know what happens when I act a fool

At this stage I’m all about renewal, and suddenly

I’m at a Jewel

I know what I want

so I’m in and out

I’m in the kitchen now preparing something

I will not reveal what I am to be munching

That is private, you will never know

Kidnap, waterboard me

That info I will never disclose

No matter if

you bribed me with a jar of jam

Or a can of mace or a hand grenade – I will never tell

What I am about to eat…

I can smell

Take a guess, a stab in the dark

If you guess right, I will tell you in private

I have to eat

this sweet dish, otherwise I’m not surviving

But what keeps me alive you will never know

I will never tell you, never! No!