The only fantasy I want to liveĀ out

is to be with you.

But if I scared you away

it’s because I was a creepy dude

and that has nothing to do with race.

I really think that you are the one

and I never thought it was too late

to team up. I dream upĀ nicer things,

you just never see them

You’ll call me too emotional

if you were to read them.

But I guess I’m already too emotional, so what’s the harm?

Think of the prospect of reading them as an incentive

to fall snugly in my arms.

Is moving on possible

I keep returning

This Valentine’s day I was alone

Like many days prior

Now call me a liar

I once had a website in which I wrote “satire”

I thought it was bad, what did you think?

We’ve been pushed to the brink and I think we’ll be ghosts soon

And we both know this is true






So You Know Everything

So you know everything?

Very good.

This is all a fantasy some elements too gruesome for your sensibilities

If not, you’re just as perverse

I am typing this while in the back of a hearse

Readjusting myself because my back hurts

I’m driven – Remember Thanksgiving

Imagine a bathroom in the kitchen

The dangers of eating

I live on a street called Keating – have for a while

Vile, smile, dial, trial, mile, Kyle, style, style

I never imagined harming you, just pleasing you

Now I want you to sue me so I can speak the truth

And so you can see me all cute but not in a suit

I’m the type to crash the wedding unless I’m the groom

The type to read a poem that might make you swoon

So make sure you hire extra security – cause I’m coming




How I Really Treat Women: https://youtu.be/btC8tSKo1fY


Sonnet #3

My confidence is booming, I symbolize confidence

I’m secure like loot in a vault in a jail cell guarded

So smooth am I I convinced Eve to groove in the garden

I’m happiest when brooding, I symbolize confidence

My erection is a reflection of recollections

Remember faces, their bodies, but no clothes to hide it

Errors in judgment unlike in life here I rewrite it

My confidence is booming, rigid like my erection

I am so sure of myself but I doubt others heavy

If not for your pussy I wouldn’t even seek you mate

My lips are sealed like fate, I will not divulge that I’m great

I flood you, sink you with confidence, no match the levees

I’m tap dancing on your grave though I’m a zombie myself 

Only difference I have risen long ago – you need help?


Her Fantasy

She masturbates to me

In her mind I am among the elites

No one has ever thought more

intensively about me

than she. I think. Therefore I am.

The power of the imagination

turns her finger into a crayon

She Crayolas her self

I am good for her health, mentally

I offer escape. She lays on her side

And imagines me there. Squeezing her ass

And stroking her hair. Kissing her soft

Pausing to stare

It is almost like

I am really there.