That One Guy

I prefer to be alone

And even though I’m sick of this place

There’s no place like home

If poetry is alcohol

This is Prohibition

And I am Al Capone


I invite you to take my breath away

Or at least try

Many folk

Feast eyes

On what a starving artist wrote


I love like a demon and sin like a saint

I excel most when drawing ire

Or painting depictions of angst

No restraints

And at length

Because I fell from a world I once blended into

And wandered into a room

The saga continues




What more can I say?

I have the gift of gab

And I hardly even talk

So how you figure that?


No one can use language

Better than I – Jose The Seer 

I once fucked a girl in a barn

When I went to Mexico

It was fun


What more can I say?

I have the gift of gab


I never had a dad

And I felt out of place

In chemistry lab


No one can use language

Better than I – in my opinion

I fancy my life

Is a rarity

My poetry is

the priciest















Sort Of Like Sonic


In-school suspension

Out of school suspension

The progression

So you listened to Evanecence?

Shopping for my own Christmas present

“Pretend to be surprised when you open it”


That’s fake shit

I go see a painting

Then watch how others see the painting

Like: “what is they thanking”

No, I can’t play an instrument

No, not even a little bit

Welcome to the mind of Rex Tillerson

Let’s begin

Hitchslapping Pascal’s Wager

I need another reason to wear a blazer

It was a good look

I’m deliberating on which book

To get

Before hunting it down

Library card – taking it out

Let me dispel the notion that I have any doubts

The Day Spells Gloom

I think I’m tired

We all get tired

In numerous quagmires

I am involved in

Which one needs resolving first

Prioritize by which demise is worse

If I fail to meet its cause with concern

There’s nothing new to learn, that’s the way I feel

Keeping it real is a motto hard to follow when reality is somber

Woe is me


So many others

Pain is not unique

Therefore, most of what I write is common

And that is not fresh

I’m not in the mood to be put to the test

Examine me tomorrow

Sorrow comes and goes

Question Demise

If I think of a rhyme

Should I not write it

Because it might get construed

Into an unfavorable view

The question’s posed rhetorically

What’s the difference between thinking allegorically

And thinking metaphorically?

You tell me

I’m writing through it

Think a couple of weeks ago

You would have said “Jose if we don’t make it, keep it moving”

I think at present that’s what I’m set on doing

Random Pt. 14

Break a heart and then depart

What if I went to a grocery store

And jumped

into someone’s shopping cart

And the shopper didn’t mind

And pushed my weight for exercise

Getting called wise

For saying things you know

Are not wisdom

Imagine a wizard in prison

It’s just unseemly



Since before


You are about to fight a lion

Choose one ancient weapon

Reading literotica

It stirs the senses

Picture a room

Filled with contrarians

Trying to reach a consensus

Rare is me wearing

Socks that match

A boa that does not constrict

What good is it?

A dark persona coming out of a coma

Which is better: Oklahoma or Arizona

I don’t know, I’m just the writer

That feeling when you’re about to smoke

But forgot to bring a lighter

Not to worry, I have one

Let’s get one thing straight

I like it random


So you claim you’re suicidal

Never once tho

Did you really think you’d do it

So you claim you’re suicidal

And you’re stupid or smart enough to do it

So you claim you’re suicidal

All I sees survival

So you claim you’re suicidal

You took your life yesterday

And this is what you call revival