I love women

I love fantasizing

About women

Many different women

It’s just the shape of certain women

Something about women

I respect women whenever I’m around women

But at the same time I love the bodies of women, the faces of women

I don’t mean to objectify women, I just call it having natural fantasies about women

I’d never violate women

But watching it happen in porn – I’m not against it, I’m for it

At the end of the day I love women

And I’ve hurt women, not physically, but I’ve been mean to women

Especially women who were close to me, that’s not how it’s supposed to be but you know how relationships are

I just love women – sexually and otherwise

Sometimes I get mesmermized by women

And sometimes I hypnotize women

I love women, all the time

Even if I’m not sexually attracted to a woman

I’ll still be nice to that woman and appreciate that woman

The looks of certain women, the beauty of a woman

There’s nothing else like it



So you claim you’re suicidal

Never once tho

Did you really think you’d do it

So you claim you’re suicidal

And you’re stupid or smart enough to do it

So you claim you’re suicidal

All I sees survival

So you claim you’re suicidal

You took your life yesterday

And this is what you call revival

An Ethereal View

I’m thinking different

Think the same. then switch

back to different

Something’s wrong

It’s intuition

So I can’t be specific

Something’s wrong

in general

And every cure is specifically designed

To remove one small ill at a time

Quality of life has reached its pinnacle

Perhaps I can do a little better if I try enormous

Or go to sleep and die dormant

I don’t know

I see others

Around where I live

And wonder if

they suffer

Similar shit

I ask around

Words and ears

A flask to mouth

Everyone laughs

at what I’m talking about

I live in doubt

No one’s true

Myriad avenues

Are still left

Which should I take

Should passion count?

I am down,

for the count

I consume a hand

Full of mela-

Tonin and

pass out

I wake up,

he’s still counting

He says he’s counting

many years

I don’t live in fear

I live in doubt

Debt haunts me

I can’t take

certain routes

And that’s a shame

I switch lanes

My principle

in elementary school

Her name was Ms. James

I think pain, think strange

I want to know the pain your hiding

You tell me



you are not providing


I’m in love with someone’s wife

I want to rape someone’s wife

I want to hold hands with someone’s wife

I want to listen to music with someone’s wife

I want to listen to someone’s wife

I want to read the same book with someone’s wife

I want to do someone’s wife

Screw someone’s wife – mentally and sexually

I want to woo someone’s wife

Improve someone’s wife

Bust a move on someone’s wife

Smell the ass of someone’s wife

Attend a class with someone’s wife

Spend the cash of someone’s wife

Spend the cash of the husband with the wife