Question Demise

If I think of a rhyme

Should I not write it

Because it might get construed

Into an unfavorable view

The question’s posed rhetorically

What’s the difference between thinking allegorically

And thinking metaphorically?

You tell me

I’m writing through it

Think a couple of weeks ago

You would have said “Jose if we don’t make it, keep it moving”

I think at present that’s what I’m set on doing


Concluding Remarks

Congrats! Writing to you has become a stale practice

You’re really not that interesting a character to begin with

You hijack my creativity because…

You hide behind images because…

No one cares about your purity except you and your folks

I thought I was offensive because I assumed you couldn’t take jokes

Do whatever, it’s your life, do whatever

Take a trip to Poland, take a trip to Oakland – you can go wherever

Wherever you are you still come here – hmm…WEIRD

I don’t mean to be harsh, I think you’re alright

You did some things I didn’t like, I did some things you didn’t like

In this game of life I can see I’m losing but I’m trying to win

Based on that effort I can’t imagine my failure being the source of a grin

You know the real me in a deep sense

So on that alone I will always consider you a friend

And I’ll say this in a courtroom while you pretend to be innocent

Good luck with the marriage, and the other guy I guess he’s alright

I don’t know him personally so on what grounds can I criticize

Just an unfortunate situation, that’s what this was

But we all had some fun, and that’s all that it was