Sonnet #5

The soul cannot be proven like genes that form the spirit

My greatest sin’s awareness too severe to be near to

I freestyle – off the top – I can’t say I engineered it

He or she who lends an ear to…me…I domineer to

Scheme, scam, plan, play, love is like living in your finest day

Shining like a crime that descended from the heavens – oh!

Pimping out Christmas on the corner since then till dismay

Lick my balls, no thought’s unspared, my poetry’s semen – al

Grinning like a cynic as I lie to you euphoric

Truth spinning like the globe on the fingertips of trotters

Changing like a memory – it’s not the way you stored it

I liked the girl I had till I saw somebody hotter

Thinking like a pig in pervwords yet oinking like a gent

Question Demise: What if no one ever shot 50 Cent?


She Is Her

The truth is you grew

on me like a benign tumor

And I am hoping a certain rumor

is just another rumor.

I cannot imagine another year of absence

Still I will have to live the unimaginable

If these barriers are everlasting.

You’ll probably fare better without me

than I without you

Who am I

without you

another guy

without a clue.

I would like to do

whatever you want to do

But I have my own ideas too

Like going to the zoo – once it gets warmer.

How I treat women is not what you hear in the songs

I was cliche in two ways, violence and misogyny – I can get along

I would like to hold your hand as we walk past a painting

and approach a new painting – and then a new painting

And so on, I was so wrong, but hold on

I can flow on and grow on you benignly

No label will ever sign me – that much is true

But I was thinking maybe…I could be signed to you



The only fantasy I want to live out

is to be with you.

But if I scared you away

it’s because I was a creepy dude

and that has nothing to do with race.

I really think that you are the one

and I never thought it was too late

to team up. I dream up nicer things,

you just never see them

You’ll call me too emotional

if you were to read them.

But I guess I’m already too emotional, so what’s the harm?

Think of the prospect of reading them as an incentive

to fall snugly in my arms.

Is moving on possible

I keep returning

This Valentine’s day I was alone

Like many days prior

Now call me a liar

I once had a website in which I wrote “satire”

I thought it was bad, what did you think?

We’ve been pushed to the brink and I think we’ll be ghosts soon

And we both know this is true






So You Know Everything

So you know everything?

Very good.

This is all a fantasy some elements too gruesome for your sensibilities

If not, you’re just as perverse

I am typing this while in the back of a hearse

Readjusting myself because my back hurts

I’m driven – Remember Thanksgiving

Imagine a bathroom in the kitchen

The dangers of eating

I live on a street called Keating – have for a while

Vile, smile, dial, trial, mile, Kyle, style, style

I never imagined harming you, just pleasing you

Now I want you to sue me so I can speak the truth

And so you can see me all cute but not in a suit

I’m the type to crash the wedding unless I’m the groom

The type to read a poem that might make you swoon

So make sure you hire extra security – cause I’m coming




How I Really Treat Women:


Random Pt. 7

This one’s for fun

it’s a grand finale that

is brought to you

by an alley cat

Roguish and random

with my face

I hand some

kisses out. Dish it out if you promise

to dish it back, tradition, I think it wack

Can one be conceited and depressed

at the same time? I guess I know the answer

I overfilled a pool with semen

The belly button of a belly dancer

Loose like a cannon, poetic, romantic

Swim in an ocean

of fleeting semantics

Tidal wave with each jam picked

For a while I was the cause of

His pan


I hang around longer than I should

call it loitering love

Last night I was at a club

But when I went

to sleep it shut off

I look Indian,

you just go to India

I once impregnated

the mind of Virgin-I-ah

And yes, abortion is still an option

Or death can adopt it

Have you tried finding

my new shit

Some are infatuated with my demise

some rude shit

Imagine grinning while hoisted

on a crucifix

Like, what’s wrong with that guy

Or girl, she can be crucified too

I’m gonna die because I have to

Not because of you

For the record I’m not bi

But I can appreciate the looks

of a hot dude

What I do in my room is brew up a storm

You are a thorn but you are not on my side

So how can you hurt me?

This last link is the chain

You hardly can jerk me

I am refreshing

Like any flavored slurpee

at a 7/11

Call me Daniel McDevin












I Like Them Eyes

Sometimes I wound up living by my own words, at times you lived by mine

I hardly lived by yours, you hardly shared as many as my words to opine

Now you have some things to say, about fucking time – but can you rhyme?

From slime I built what you might call sublime, then devolved back to slime


I appreciate the kind sentiments, like seriously I do

Just for that, I might dedicate to you a string of new haikus

I would like to learn about Japanese culture – you mind teaching me?

You might be the person reaching me


My favorite Power Ranger was the pink one, can you guess why?

Why rest in peace apart when we can rest side by side? (Good Question)

I’m not competing with you, I’m competing for you

Are you going to tell the judge that I adore you?


We don’t have to have sex right away – patience is virtuous – “they” say

I shine like Kay Jewelers, initially began in pure shade

Save the intimidation for someone less experienced with violence

If a critic puts his hands on me, he will be silenced

But only temporarily, I’m really a nice guy

I’m in Hell with Heaven above me so I look on…

the bright side.