I love women

I love fantasizing

About women

Many different women

It’s just the shape of certain women

Something about women

I respect women whenever I’m around women

But at the same time I love the bodies of women, the faces of women

I don’t mean to objectify women, I just call it having natural fantasies about women

I’d never violate women

But watching it happen in porn – I’m not against it, I’m for it

At the end of the day I love women

And I’ve hurt women, not physically, but I’ve been mean to women

Especially women who were close to me, that’s not how it’s supposed to be but you know how relationships are

I just love women – sexually and otherwise

Sometimes I get mesmermized by women

And sometimes I hypnotize women

I love women, all the time

Even if I’m not sexually attracted to a woman

I’ll still be nice to that woman and appreciate that woman

The looks of certain women, the beauty of a woman

There’s nothing else like it

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