Random Pt. 15

Observe the master

Only I can do this

I named my first son Judas

And his little sister Jesus

I drove a guy to his house and watched him hop into the back of a van

Like damn, I guess he lives there

I became a psychiatrist and ended up selling kitchen appliances

I appeared in The Atlantic and was in a cult Satanic

I did stand up comedy just by telling people what’s wrong with me

I played a game of Jenga and almost lost my shit when I lost to a guy who had Parkinson’s

I was interviewed for a job teaching pre-school kids, but was told “you just don’t look like the type who should be around kids”

I used to operate a crane at a construction site and when I wasn’t doing that I planted dynomite

I received a strange call, a cold voice told me “I’m gonna fucking kill you homie”

I ran a light brazenly, some drivers honked their horn crazily but that wasn’t fazing me

I went to Chinatown to wander around and got into a fight with the Latin Counts

I went to visit an acquantaince in Pilsen only to discover 3 months ago somebody killed him

I ran into an old classmate, he was working at a grocery store and I made him feel better by telling him I’m also still poor

I saw a chavo watching TV in a Tahoe, I got closer and saw he was enjoying an episode of Johnny Bravo

I looked at a calendar and muttered “damn,” I won’t tell you why I said it, you wouldn’t understand

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