Die Alone

I’m so glad you have a partner so you won’t have to die alone

The problem with risking it for me

If it didn’t work out you might have had to die alone

And I am so glad you don’t have to die alone

I could have been the reason that you wound up dying all alone

I’m so glad I’m not the reason you wound up dying all alone

Still I had an actual chance in person

So you were obviously prepared

To risk dying all alone

And I’m glad you’re not scared of dying all alone

It could of been because of me

You ended up dying all alone

I rather you die with someone by your side

Than chance it with me

And end up dying all alone

Decades from now you’ll look back

Exhaling a last sigh of relief, turning your head and seeing your partner watching you leave

Maybe you wonder about me

If you do, just remember I am glad

You aren’t dying all alone


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