Random Pt. 14

Break a heart and then depart

What if I went to a grocery store

And jumped

into someone’s shopping cart

And the shopper didn’t mind

And pushed my weight for exercise

Getting called wise

For saying things you know

Are not wisdom

Imagine a wizard in prison

It’s just unseemly



Since before


You are about to fight a lion

Choose one ancient weapon

Reading literotica

It stirs the senses

Picture a room

Filled with contrarians

Trying to reach a consensus

Rare is me wearing

Socks that match

A boa that does not constrict

What good is it?

A dark persona coming out of a coma

Which is better: Oklahoma or Arizona

I don’t know, I’m just the writer

That feeling when you’re about to smoke

But forgot to bring a lighter

Not to worry, I have one

Let’s get one thing straight

I like it random

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