A Random Tale

I robbed a hooded goblin

Ran into an avenue of traffic

Self-driving cars all crashed

Into each other

To avoid hitting me

An explosion erupted

And many screams followed

I live in a neighborhood

Called “The Sleepy Hollow”

Turned into an alley

And I was robbed by mad ghouls dressed in physicality

The leader of the group, they called him Totality

I limp away

I was beaten badly by them

I go back to the scene now permeated by the wails of sirens

For no apparent reason a cop executes a group of firemen

In a fashion reminiscent of the crew the news calls ISIS

I catch his eye and he waves me over demanding that I list my vices

On a notepad I scribble just a few of them

He says, “Hmm I only have two of them”

For some reason he is satisfied and I walk away looking back

Mayhem, many cameras now are filming that

I guess it is exciting

Univiting to be part of it

And I’m standing outside of it

Despite being at the heart of it

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