Masturbating cause I’m tired of waiting

I take a shower and wonder when’s the last time

I layed down for bathing

I can’t recall

On the kitchen table is a bag of Halls

Whose could it be?

A thought that’s very brief

I make coffee


I have to write them off me

I think awfully

And that’s not even unique

I’m gonna tell you the thoughts I think

If I speak

Shit looks bleak

Why remind me?

Life is tragic

Life is like a habit and everyone is born an addict

Though some turn

to Suicide

I used to listen heavily

to Do Or Die

My headphones are paradise

My own chamber, a chamber within a chamber

Sometimes you need a little danger to remind you of the value of peace

I think ‘fuck the police” but if I’m pulled over I’m very sweet

A gentleman, a gentle man

Taking screenshots of a tweet posted on Facebook

and uploading it to Instagram

That is life now, can’t go back

My style is throwback or is it new

I don’t believe in voodoo

Who knew I’d be how I am

I look at pics from when I was a kid and think “damn”

How many jams will I be in

Before I overcome

I think I’m dumb, I think I’m smart, I think I’m dumb

and smart

I want to play every part

But not your role

No, I’ll never be swole

unless I use steroids

Fill the void, fill it fast

Have a blast then blast yourself

Crash the car, then crash yourself

Great advice, I gave it out

and quickly took it

Open up my booklet, read the words

This is not absurd, life, it burns

How hungry would I have to be

To eat a worm

Hope I never know

Enjoy the show

The show called Consciousness

It only ends

when you die

Unless you believe

your consciousness will teleport into the afterlife

I think that’s a lie and I didn’t tell it

I’m a salesman

with a story

And I can’t sell it

Dwell, dwell

Dwell on it longer, my mind was made to dwell

Something about hell

And finally – a reason to use gel

I haven’t fallen since the day I’ve fallen

I’m all in, bet my measly life

Cutting steak with a butterknife

Gotta use what’s available, and that’s what is

I woke up

And told the class

They’re not dismissed

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