An Ethereal View

I’m thinking different

Think the same. then switch

back to different

Something’s wrong

It’s intuition

So I can’t be specific

Something’s wrong

in general

And every cure is specifically designed

To remove one small ill at a time

Quality of life has reached its pinnacle

Perhaps I can do a little better if I try enormous

Or go to sleep and die dormant

I don’t know

I see others

Around where I live

And wonder if

they suffer

Similar shit

I ask around

Words and ears

A flask to mouth

Everyone laughs

at what I’m talking about

I live in doubt

No one’s true

Myriad avenues

Are still left

Which should I take

Should passion count?

I am down,

for the count

I consume a hand

Full of mela-

Tonin and

pass out

I wake up,

he’s still counting

He says he’s counting

many years

I don’t live in fear

I live in doubt

Debt haunts me

I can’t take

certain routes

And that’s a shame

I switch lanes

My principle

in elementary school

Her name was Ms. James

I think pain, think strange

I want to know the pain your hiding

You tell me



you are not providing

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