Just Some Thoughts

Who can pen the greater novel

That question still remains

I’ve read your written thoughts with an open mind

And I must admit I found them lame

But publish or perish, that’s the motto

Careful, when you least expect it I might jack a woman from her car, snatch her out the auto

I have many mottos

She has my address and number

In case she ever wants to set up a slumber



So don’t make her mad lest I be the one she runs to

I’m all about tomorrow and who knows what it’ll come to

I’m writing the Great American Novel while possessed by the spirit of Sun Tzu

My most lackluster theatrics are more fun than anything you can do

Enjoy my writing, I hope I can enjoy yours some day

Haha jk

That’ll be the day

Now go tell my disciples what Jesus instructed you to say

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