Concluding Remarks

Congrats! Writing to you has become a stale practice

You’re really not that interesting a character to begin with

You hijack my creativity because…

You hide behind images because…

No one cares about your purity except you and your folks

I thought I was offensive because I assumed you couldn’t take jokes

Do whatever, it’s your life, do whatever

Take a trip to Poland, take a trip to Oakland – you can go wherever

Wherever you are you still come here – hmm…WEIRD

I don’t mean to be harsh, I think you’re alright

You did some things I didn’t like, I did some things you didn’t like

In this game of life I can see I’m losing but I’m trying to win

Based on that effort I can’t imagine my failure being the source of a grin

You know the real me in a deep sense

So on that alone I will always consider you a friend

And I’ll say this in a courtroom while you pretend to be innocent

Good luck with the marriage, and the other guy I guess he’s alright

I don’t know him personally so on what grounds can I criticize

Just an unfortunate situation, that’s what this was

But we all had some fun, and that’s all that it was

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