The only fantasy I want to live out

is to be with you.

But if I scared you away

it’s because I was a creepy dude

and that has nothing to do with race.

I really think that you are the one

and I never thought it was too late

to team up. I dream up nicer things,

you just never see them

You’ll call me too emotional

if you were to read them.

But I guess I’m already too emotional, so what’s the harm?

Think of the prospect of reading them as an incentive

to fall snugly in my arms.

Is moving on possible

I keep returning

This Valentine’s day I was alone

Like many days prior

Now call me a liar

I once had a website in which I wrote “satire”

I thought it was bad, what did you think?

We’ve been pushed to the brink and I think we’ll be ghosts soon

And we both know this is true






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