She Is Her

The truth is you grew

on me like a benign tumor

And I am hoping a certain rumor

is just another rumor.

I cannot imagine another year of absence

Still I will have to live the unimaginable

If these barriers are everlasting.

You’ll probably fare better without me

than I without you

Who am I

without you

another guy

without a clue.

I would like to do

whatever you want to do

But I have my own ideas too

Like going to the zoo – once it gets warmer.

How I treat women is not what you hear in the songs

I was cliche in two ways, violence and misogyny – I can get along

I would like to hold your hand as we walk past a painting

and approach a new painting – and then a new painting

And so on, I was so wrong, but hold on

I can flow on and grow on you benignly

No label will ever sign me – that much is true

But I was thinking maybe…I could be signed to you


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