Love & War

What can I say, soon I will be met by my nemesis – Reality

At least I did not succumb to indifference and banality

I was not as evil as I was stupid or as holy as I was smart

Part of having a ruined reputation is not being credited with a pure heart

The pendulum swings from Like to Love that is supposed to be us in the picture

You were water and I was Tang bitter at first till some sugar appeared in the mixture

Where it came from? Strange luck the feelings of mankind

I’ll catch you if you fall even if I catch you at a bad time – me, the “bad” guy

I guess put simply my real life persona differs drastically from my online one

Or musical one or any persona perception creates when I’m not within touch

Don’t you know a lone wolf never recruits others to partake in shenanigans?

I am too proud as a writer to let another write for me that would be a sin

They claim that I am a man but I see myself as a kid whenever I imagine 

When I appear the ladies say I’m dashing when I leave they say I’m dashing

I wish I wandered the world of Digimon with my hand on a Pokeball

I wish I had a plastic stool so that I could maybe dunk a basketball

I walk around with a poker face yet everyone can tell I’ve been dealt a bad hand

Or maybe I was dealt a good hand and I wasted it – I wish I had a second chance

Going haywire my mind is a lake of fire – my mind is my boss and I can’t be fired

I have a secret admirer who is hooked on poetry and I am her main supplier

My balls feel heavy at this particular time though I’m a lightweight

I pity the blind gambler asking competitors “What do the dice say?”

Yeah I’m Jesus, last name Christ

Middle name Vice

Since time immemorial













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