To me you are doing what you think I did

This is bullshit and I will never forget

I can say and should be able to say

Whatever the fuck I want

Why should I check with your feelings first

This is afterall, my blog – yes, I say things just to piss you off, haha, just to check if you still give a fuck

I laugh silently, the few times I do

But to you I am my blog, no difference in distinction

I guess your blog was literally you

So since it no longer exists neither do you, haha

Life is not fair and this situation is a reminder of that

I took too much of the blame, please take some back

Fuck the past, I really want to say that

Should I think of the future? When similarly bad

Oh wait my dad’s not dead so my life is nice

You have no advice to give me

No peace for the paranoid

If you disconnect truly, you will not be paranoid

I will be leaving soon, your mind – enjoy the void

I will fill mine with drugs and will hardly notice your absence

How will you cope?

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