Good riddance is what I’m thinking this relationship both ways is toxic

I’m not the only one who has yet to prove he can stop it

So don’t forget you got hooked on this so-called nonsense

I am elsewhere now if you haven’t found me that’s great

I don’t hate anyone, I hate not knowing what I created

If I spin it differently every time it’s because life is what you make it

I am hooked too so it will be hard

Two people who swear the other one is the fraud

Living a double life, sometimes triple

I fib a little, reality is brittle, my favorite finger’s in the middle

What you did was impressive and I liked it

But when I consider the prospect of being gaslighted…

If you ever want to call it even…

Unless I hit the lotto no time soon will I be leaving

This signifies the past put behind me

Lest you care to remind me

I will fade away

Lest you care to find me

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