Paradise Lost

The mind

it is its own place

And that’s great because I always wanted

to have my own place.

The contents within my mind

were such that everything

could have turned out fine.

But I have this thing – white lies

Actually just lies – I tell them 

And I think she can smell them

a mile away. Jose, he does not get

away with them. I want to

do away with them, the lies.

But is it too late…for I?


And what’s this about purity?

It was never a concern to me

I am no proponent of that absurdity

Someone who thinks as dirtily

as yours truly could not be consumed

by such trifles, buffoonery. I am not Adam

You are not Eve. I am…


and you?

You are…




I type with complete trust…and with some slight caution


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