Random Pt. 5

I’ve had some of the hottest babes 

In my lifetime, some true angels

More angelic than some I know 

I shot a man in Idaho and he left a trail of blood as he walked it home to Ohio

I’m the boss, I’m the champ 

No one is in my camp, and that’s cool

I used to tutor youth afterschool 

Now I’m the fool. How’d that happen?

I’m the captain, I’m the ruler 

I shot a man in his mind’s eye and he fell right off 

His motor scooter 

The will to live, I think I have it 

I once saw a bat fuck a rabbit 

I have a habit, more than one

I once shot a gun 

with a gun

And I stabbed a knife 

with a sword

When I’m bored – clear the way 

I transform into poetic ape 

I am like a cape with superpowers 

If you take your own life – I don’t think you’re a coward 

I just think you got overpowered 

By the forces that be 

I shot a guy last week into this week 

I piss a lake when I take a leak

In my head I make a beat 

I roam the streets like a disturbed man

My new book is called “The Absurd Man”

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