Random Pt. 4

I feel like I’m the champ 

As I masturbate into a lava lamp

Thinking of her, never a him

My balls, they touch the brim

I cum and watch 

the color change

It’s kind of strange, I can’t describe

The color before my very eyes 

For some, I am too much sin 

That’s ok, you can go away

Go and say I have gone insane 

Drink champagne, throw a party 

Emulate a Barbie

Do as you wish 

If we ever cross paths 

I will walk away as I blow a kiss

Why does he

act like this 

Like Eminem 

It’s just the way I is

At least here

No need to fear, I’m a lady’s man 

But if I showed them this, would they understand?

Sooner or later I will have to take a chance 

Till then 

I’ll save you

The last dance.

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