Random Pt. 2

One day there will be a class taught called

The Psychology of Technology (PSYCH 431)

Gaslight your whole past life

If you are in a tunnel

I am at the end of it holding

a flashlight

I smashed twice

Smell this girl’s ass, sex was so hot – it turned tan

We are both singlebut she says I’m her man

The universe is mine, I control it and no one can oppose it

I have been chosen by Jesus – I believe him, but don’t believe in him

Yesterday I flew out to Finland to meet Nicole Kidman

I’m so gifted Christmas is jealous

I was once signed to Rocafella

And I produced the instrumental to Umbrella

I misspent my money on Sunny


I have never flown a kite.

I colluded with Russia and the US

Surpassing the thresh


The story is told in various ways

Who can understand?

Our nefarious ways.




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