Sonnet #1

Mistakes are ghostly how they can haunt and are not physical

Own errors like slaves but they do not work to my advantage

A non-believer banking on results same as miracles

Manage damage with the grace of a civil-hearted savage

It is the lonely in me what perceives erroneously

Self-deception is a good trait to frame goals achievable

Grow in this zone a new tree – just me, ceremoniously

Contemplate descriptions that were almost inconceivable

This activity is unpaid but slays ghosts if they cross mind

The branches will be massive and I will climb on rhyming sounds

Taking trains of thought that render me lost to lose track of time

Once I stop, reminders abound, my issues – the whys and hows

Turning phrases to arrange mazes, peruse amused like new

Life is complicated like sonnets and shorter than haikus















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