A Trip

Bells ring at my arrival as I appear in a convenient store

This whole layout I have seen before

Only question: which bag of chips am I leaning towards?

At the register is Afeni Shakur peering down as she pees on the floor

I overpay and walk away from change I will need when a tough time prank calls

Outside I walk around a ladder atop which a baby dressed in a diaper falls

It dies on impact, I hover over it and pretend to chit chat

Minutes elapse and I am driven home by a cop as I sit on his lap – tho there is room in the back

We talk smack and they remark crudely on the crime rate

I’m dropped off, we’re all smiles, one says “anytime, mayne”

I relax at home eating – on my phone reading

A nuke hit Los Angeles so North Korea we handled it

Excitement fills the air, like a warm day contradicting winter

I flash on the idiotic box and see Shredder kissing Master Splinter








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