Random PT. 17

Ok. So I rode a shooting star into a hookah bar
And I’m telling people
do you have any idea
who we are?
Even tho it’s only me
A lonely bee
The last one, the ecosystem
depends on me
Supermodels leave their scent on me
And I on them
Never will u be
peeping me keeping
An eye on them
Kuz I don’t care
If they’re over here, or over there
By themselves or with Ric Flair
My crystal stare just sits there
If you swung a bat
you’d hit air
I’d hit hide
Remember when Jackie was going out with Hyde?
That was kind of weird
I’m spaced out
But I’m kinda here
When I tell ppl to perform an action
I always end it with “kindly dear”
But back to the bar, the hookah bar
On the TV screen is Russia in chains
And President Trump saying: Putin is ours
Fuck tobacco (for now)
I’m smoking sour
diesel baby
I’m scanning the room
Wondering how many patrons are reppin’ the 80’s
Cuz I’m from the 90’s – a rival gang
It’s a tribal thang
Believe in nothing or the Bible’s claims?
That’s what I’m asking
Some guy is fasting
Some guy’s relaxing
Suddenly the room breaks up into factions
The 90’s, 80’s, and then the 70’s
Millennials teamed up quick as fuck
And killed the elderly
And that’s when I heard the bell ring

Talent Show

I’m at a talent show with the fattest hoe

Judges saying: That is so


It’s outrageous

The front pages

They eat it up

The crowd is like a Hot Pocket

So I heat it up

To the highest temp

I’m masturbating on the ringmaster

In the lion’s den

It looks easy?

Try it then

Leviathan, I swallow whole like a vitamin

Sexy girls, they invite us in

“you’re broke as fuck…so why da grin?”

I answer: Iverson

Never hide us when

They come for us, we’ll be right here

Now kiss me soft on my right ear



Wife PT. 2

If I were to bang
His wife
If I were to maim
His wife
Would it change
His life?


If I were to kiss
His wife
If I were to vis-it
His wife
Could I pimp
His life?


If I were to lead
His wife
If I were to enseed
His wife
How fast would he leave
His life?


If I were to taste
His wife
On a stormy night take
His wife
On what foundation would be based
His life?

WIFE (call me)

The Hot Girl At The Casino

There’s a hot girl at the casino

She works security 

And she’s so purtty 

Her pants ain’t tight yet that ass looks great

I think she likes me, she looks my way

Is that a sign? It has to be

We want to talk to each other

But naturally 

She tries to get close 

But never close enough

Fuck it! I’m gonna approach tonight 

If I see her! Maybe she’s not working

I hope every day I’m working, she’s working

I think the only reason I’m still working there is to see her – she makes it worth it 

Maybe one day

When we’re 

Happily (?)

Married with children, vacationing in Reno

We’ll come back and read the poem titled: The Hot Girl At The Casino 

A One Man Tribe


Have a seat

No! I’m telling myself that 

Now wash my feet 

And tell me how great I am

While in the background a Nas song is telling me that I’m the man

Get up! 

Rub my shoulders 

As I tell you about how the world is getting colder

Take mental notes if you want and when you leave the hut

Bring me back a stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut

Bring it back within the hour because if you’re late

Brutal power is what I’m gonna have to demonstrate 

Wait! Hold on 

One more thing

Here’s your lady’s thong

Now let the song sing